what is this, what is going on here

Hello! Welcome to my WEB SIGHT.  I write things and I hope you like them or at least they make you think.

why did you call it the bourbon pulpit.  are you some kind of degenerate

Some of the best discussions I’ve ever had and some of the deepest friendships I’ve ever forged have come from the chats you have when you’re relaxed, you have something tasty to drink (not always alcoholic!  I actually drink pretty rarely), and you feel secure enough in your surroundings to be honest about your deepest darkest whatevers.  I think the world would be a pretty great place if more people chilled out and invested some time and attention in their fellow humans.

this is mostly about politics isn’t it

It sure is!  The odd post that isn’t about politics is generally going to be stuff like ‘hey here’s a weird thing i learned the other day, check this action out’ or ‘here is some information you might find useful’ or ‘here is a long rambling story that ends up with some sort of pro-social moral’.

can i spread this stuff around or link to it or share stuff

Absolutely!  If you’re just copy-pasting text vs. posting a link somewhere, I’d appreciate it if you included a URL. 🙂 I like to think of my blog posts as conversations instead of unassailable screeds, and I actually read the comments.

i’m pretty sure you didn’t take that photo you’re using in your header

You’re absolutely right! I got it from pixabay, a depository of public domain imagery.  The font, because i am cheap and not a graphic designer, is Niagara Engraved, which came with Windows.  The background audio in the podcast is from freesound.org.

so what’s the deal with the podcast

Every two weeks, we’ll put out an episode of our podcast where we talk about politics over drinks.  Most of the time it’ll just be my wife and I, but we don’t agree on everything so it’s not the usual mindless echo-chamber noise.  Once in a while, we might have a guest or two to yap at.  Doing it every two weeks gives me time to research things so I’m not just talking COMPLETELY out of my hat.

how do i get in touch with you, i have Opinions or want to talk to you about licensing

My facebook and twitter should be over there —>
Also you can email me, popecrunch at gmail dot com.  my writing and podcast are under a creative commons “Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International” license, more information about which is located here.